A milky shoey for Blizzcon brekkie?

It’s a final round before Blizzcon 2018, exploring the ways you can watch the big event, and when to tune in for the Aussie esports action. Plus a last blast of speculation before we find out what’s really lurking behind the curtain on Saturday morning at 5am.

We can almost taste Blizzcon!

The biggest event on the annual Blizzard games calendar, Blizzcon, is right around the corner. So to kick off The Scrapyard, we’re taking a close look at all six games in the stable to think about the year so far and what we expect from the big show.

Beat Saber is the amazing virtual reality game we’ve sorely needed

Every digital art form has its breakthrough moments, when the right experience arrives at the right time to show us what’s possible and inspires many others to chase their lead. Beat Saber, quite simply, is the rhythm game we needed to show just how wonderful a virtual reality game experience can be – without the need to just translate things we’ve already seen on 2D screens into a 3D world.

Vector: the cute new robot that’s half pet, half assistant

We’ve all dreamed of owning a family robot, but so far it’s been toys that spend most of their time in cupboards, or it’s been vacuum cleaners. Vector looks like yet another robot toy for kids, but looks can be deceiving. Take that toy you’re thinking of but make it a permanent presence that can autonomously hang out on your desk or kitchen bench, and act a little like Amazon’s Alexa to boot.

Of Pauldrons, Patience and Petty Arson: Warcraft’s storytelling challenge

Last week a fire rocked World of Warcraft. It was an epic act of petulance, strategically foolish. It seemed bizarrely out of character for a beloved anti-hero, and damaged the honour of half the game’s player population. In the heat of the moment, it’s been hard for many players and fans to accept. The game has thrived on nuanced reasoning that keeps the Horde and Alliance opposed while both feel justified in their animosity. But this was different.