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An Edge Of Tomorrow Sequel Is Officially In Development

I loved it. You should love it. It was Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers in the best way possible. Emily Blunt rocked as a battle-hardened bug destroyer and Tom Cruise was Tom Cruise but in that way that he’s OK a lot of times. And now word is that we’ll get to go back to the Edge of Tomorrow for a round two…

The Esports Moment: Behind Siege esports with Alexandre Remy and François-Xavier Dénièle

I sit down with two of the key brains behind Rainbow Six Siege and its smart and steady rise toward the top tier of global esports. Esports Director François-Xavier Dénièle and Brand Director Alexandre Remy. We talk about the road so far, the moves to open up their ecosystem to more third-party tournament partners, and their ambitions for the year ahead (and beyond).