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Zhiana is back to geek out about World of Warcraft

A fun chat with Zhiana, a great cosplayer and part of the Geek Bomb brigade, about all the latest developments in World of Warcraft. What have we been up to? What are we hoping for in 8.2 and where the story will go next? Why did Seamus make a Dark Iron Monk? All this and plenty more random Warcraftery so tune in and catch up.

Smarter, better, easier passwords?

This week on Jetpacks Are Overrated, a conversation about the state of passwords. From biometrics to two-factor authentication, there’s a lot of new tools in the mix that might lead some to feel like there will be a version of our future out there on the horizon where we can finally stop having to remember so many damn passwords!

The Matrix 20 years on: how a sci-fi film tackled big philosophical questions

Incredible as it may seem, the end of March marks 20 years since the release of the first film in the Matrix franchise directed by The Wachowski siblings. This “cyberpunk” sci-fi movie was a box office hit with its dystopian futuristic vision, distinctive fashion sense, and slick, innovative action sequences. But it was also a catalyst for popular discussion around some very big philosophical themes.