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No, smartphones are not destroying a generation

Media loves a good scare campaign, and parents are prone to worrying about whether the ‘new thing’ in society is hurting their kids. This piece on Psychology Today points out one recent study did a bad job of causing another scare storm around phones, social media, and young people.

How should we design driverless cars?

Great question, excellent design challenge. When we don’t have to think about a standard driving position, should we even be thinking of the car as a forward-facing environment? Lots of opportunities for clever design, and potential for new variety in economy cars versus luxury models.

PVP pinball

Great carving machine work to create a modern-yet-old-school take on 2-player pinball. Literally PVP pinball as you aim to knock the ball over the top into your opponents field of play. Tilt will take on a whole new meaning.