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Since we launched the new era of Byteside a few months ago, all members of our writing team get paid for their work. Spread across the country, in various cities and regional areas, we aim to bring a broad range of perspectives through our shared love of technology, games and digital culture. We want to champion a diverse range of voices to our coverage of the digital world.

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In December 2020? You could win a SteelSeries gaming keyboard, mouse and headset!

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Right now supporting a new Australian outlet is the primary reward. Soon, we aim to offer community benefits to our members with special prize draws, online community space, and access to special events. You can see some of these ideas below.

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Is this even a thing people will get behind? That’s the big question. Media is harder than ever in 2020. We think we’re building a unique voice that genuinely adds something to the market for Australian fans of technology, games and digital culture. We hope you’ll agree.

Seamus Byrne, Founder and Editor

Membership values

Our aim is to keep all content available for free but to find other ways to thank our supporters for helping Byteside to thrive. Here are some of the options coming soon exclusive to members:

  • Unspecified member newsletter: When you join us we will put you on a special members-only news list that, right now, isn’t being used but in future will be a way for us to let members know about big happenings at Byteside before anyone else.
  • Monthly member prize draws: Every month we’ll have special prize draws exclusive to members. If you’re on the list, you’ll be in the draw.
    In December 2020, the fine folks at gaming hardware company Steel Series is supporting our launch with a great mouse, keyboard and headset prize package to give to one of our members. Prizes are drawn at the end of each calendar month.
  • Byteside member community: whether it’s exclusive access to comments on site or a community Discord, we’ll bring new options for supporters to interact more directly in 2021.
  • Special events: when we’re allowed to head back out into the real world more easily, we’ll be looking at hosting live discussion events where members will get discounts and first access to tickets.

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