This week we talk about why Seamus has quit Facebook (but not exactly deleted it), how Nic is preparing to automate his new home, and the Disney+ 4:3 ratio Simpsons problem.

Plus we talk Outer Worlds, Death Stranding, and loving games because they exist even if we never want to play them. And some breaking news around the launch of a new 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Also… while recording the show it was officially revealed that The Simpsons will indeed be on Disney+ at local launch. So ignore Seamus when he talks about it not being on there when it launches next week.

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Nic and Seamus talk Pixel 4, Sonos Move, and the whole “Is Marvel cinema?” conundrum, plus Disney, err, Plus. Seamus also has a big problem with big gaming keyboards.

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Homework: Nic wants everyone to watch at least the first episode of Watchmen before we discuss it next week!

Nic and Seamus catch up face-to-face at PAX Australia 2019 live in Melbourne to talk about the show, what they saw, what they did, what panels they were taking part in, plus a bunch of tangents are explored along the way.

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Join Nic Healey and Seamus Byrne (yes, that’s me) for the new Byteside podcast. We chat tech, games and culture, staying out of the weeds of the weekly news to explore new things, old things, fun things, sad things, whatever things just make us desperate to mull them over each week (ish).

For the first show we explore Fallout 76, D&D, esports corruption, Vampire: The Masquerade, Neal Stephenson’s latest, and that goose the whole world is talking about.

Enjoy the first episode and we’ll be back again with a show from PAX Australia this weekend!

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