It’s a game-y sort of week at Byteside, kicking off with a book that included accidental game references in its very real historic fiction. When you do your research, double check your research…

Plus game narratives and the difficulties in embracing the story while also trying to enjoy the game as it’s intended — to be played as a game? Then more game in your game chat as we look at what it means for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to head to our mobiles.

We leave games behind for our tips of the week, with two streaming service picks — one to warm your heart, the other to chill your spine.

What’s the deal with all the new cassette tape sales out there? Is this a legit kind of love or just some performative nostalgia? Then we leap into the cutting edge of home theatre as Seamus explains his struggles to get Dolby Atmos working with a Sonos Arc and an LG CX OLED TV – but once he did, was it worth it?

Plus this week’s recommendations hit games and TV shows, plus a little bit of chat about the new positions available at Byteside if you’re after a little more insight into what that’s all about.

Nic hits Seamus with a surprise grilling about his intentions to make a permanent exit from Facebook. Can he genuinely follow through on his threats? What are his plans to solve all the gaps it creates in communicating with friends and family?

Then the show turns to lighter fare, like the COVIDSafe app and whether it’s ever going to become a useful part of the solution in Australia.

Plus a little more Quibi before the launch window free trial ends, Nic suggests a ‘Pilot Night’ concept, and Seamus falls in love with a London Underground circuit board map.

Nic shares a baffling experience from a recent online shopping expedition, and Seamus explains the Mixer mess and what it means for having a viable live streaming ecosystem that isn’t just the one backed by Bezos billions.

Plus WWDC news and some hot tips of the week!

In an already very weird year, this undoubtedly takes the trophy with six months left to play. It’s got cockroaches, pig masks, and senior executives of one of the biggest tech companies in the world. What a journey this one is. Expect the movie in 2022.

Plus Nic and Seamus look at the latest Playstation 5 news now that the big reveal has happened, and offer up their two tips of the week.

The social media problems with no easy answers keep Nic and Seamus clawing for answers.

Plus pandemic and protest dilemmas for the games industry, Zoom the big winner in its latest financial reports while self-driving cars face big issues in a more hygiene-focused future than anyone was expecting.

Ready to Binge the latest shows and movies? Or is there still a commitment issue behind Foxtel’s latest streaming service? Seamus and Nic think back on Presto, Foxtel Now, Foxtel Play, Foxtel Go, and where you’ll go to play now. Wait… And then they rabbithole about all the little quirks and issues they have with what all the streaming services keep getting wrong!

Plus Twitter adds a ‘Get the facts’ link to some Trump tweets. Is it enough or too little too late? How do the socials fix the misinfo problem from here?

Seamus and Nic are loving the memes right now, and find they really do help take the edge off a tricky time. But can we please stop trying to turn everything into an industrialised meme factory? Not everything needs to be commodified!

This leads to Joe Rogan’s new Spotify deal, which leads to apps and tech we will definitely use differently after the ‘rona times calm down a bit, which leads to Assassin’s Creed telling us the next one is even bigger makes us both a little less excited for it (but we’ll still love it).

If that wasn’t a weirdly literal rundown I don’t know what is, but there’s plenty more I’m sure I’ve forgotten along the way…