Seamus and Nic are loving the memes right now, and find they really do help take the edge off a tricky time. But can we please stop trying to turn everything into an industrialised meme factory? Not everything needs to be commodified!

This leads to Joe Rogan’s new Spotify deal, which leads to apps and tech we will definitely use differently after the ‘rona times calm down a bit, which leads to Assassin’s Creed telling us the next one is even bigger makes us both a little less excited for it (but we’ll still love it).

If that wasn’t a weirdly literal rundown I don’t know what is, but there’s plenty more I’m sure I’ve forgotten along the way…

A synthetic Instagram star signs with the biggest talent agency in the world? Sounds like the perfect week to get extra virtual as we deep dive on our own experiences with the HTC Vive Cosmos over recent weeks. Is VR ready for prime time yet? If not yet, when and how?

Plus a little more Elon and a dash of Spot the robot dog enforcing social distancing in Singapore. Thankfully, no cattle prod… yet…

After a nod to Star Wars Day letting loose some first rate indie talent in the new and expanding universe, Nic and Seamus discuss Tom Cruise really actually going into space with SpaceX to make a movie. Is it actually Mission: Impossible or just eventually improbable?

Plus an extended uncomfortable examination of Elon Musk’s trajectory as a person who shouts weirdly on the internet, and then an actual examination of Apple’s new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. Just how close are we to the official “iPads are laptops now” debate being settled?

And then Nic opines for access to his beloved gym because tech just doesn’t cut it for replacing what he wants from his exercise experience. Is there anything out there that can?

Along the way we shout out Peloton, Mirror, Ring Fit, Just Dance 2020, and lots more.

From Cameo to the Academy’s big announcement to let pure streamers enter the Oscars, it’s an interesting time for Hollywood stars.

Plus we look at the Fortnite Travis Scott event and what we thought of it and its 27.7M audience numbers, Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms and whether we need more video chat options…

And, yes, COVIDSafe was unavoidable.

On this week’s show we talk coronavirus tracking apps and if we’re going to do one we should make sure we do it right.

But thankfully that doesn’t dominate the show, and we get into fun stuff like digital boardgames, Minecraft getting pretty with RTX, Pac-Man at 40, and the next big Fortnite concert happens this weekend so get into it!

Here’s the Fortnite link to all the details – seriously, download it and experience this event:

We’re living up to our “tech, games, digital culture” tagline this week, with stories from every corner of the Byteside domain.

From when are Zoom hacks not actually Zoom hacks, to why games seem to have a much better handle than film on the idea of doing remakes. Plus hard drives for consoles when you’re running out of room, exciting new phones from LG, and even a little more Quibi and some old school Homestar Runner.

When this episode started we weren’t sure about Quibi. By 15 minutes in we’ve decided that’s all the show is about from now on.

Then somehow we do manage to move onto other topics anyway…

including Riot’s Valorant being ready to take over the FPS scene, Xbox All Access deals on Telstra plans, Skype finding its mojo, and those Zoom backgrounds everyone is using.

No, don’t unsubscribe from Byteside! That’s not the experiment!! Seamus has been unsubscribing from all his video streaming services… but he’s still using them all exactly the way he always has. Huh? How’s that work? Listen to find out!

Plus changing NBN plans, those CVC questions, and testing speed upgrades. And playing tabletop roleplaying games over the internet – is there a good way to do it?

All that and Friday Zoom drinks, Audio Technica’s microphone giveaway, and more.

Digital services are blowing up in all kinds of ways, whether becoming the new hotness or collapsing under the weight of all this new work from home traffic. What are we searching for? Efficient work, entertainment or a sense of real connection?

All this plus random acts of kindness, esports replacing real sports, and more.

As the coronavirus crisis continues to worsen, tech has a massive role to play in keeping us together while we’re physically isolating ourselves to avoid the virus.

We look at the places where tech can help, from education to entertainment, and where it is failing. Plus how the world will be different in the adoption of remote presence tech on the other side.

Plenty of that plus a look at the new OS heading to Sonos hardware.