Author Seamus Byrne

Seamus runs Byteside. You may also have spotted his words at the Australian Financial Review, the ABC, Junkee, Gamespot, The Esports Observer, CNET, Gizmodo and a few other spots over the years. He's very happy that he gets to nerd out for a living.

Byteside A pile of keys
Phreaking brilliant

Last week was Xbox Series X news, this week we get Playstation 5… but not quite yet, so we make our bold predictions that are sure to be wildly inaccurate within 24 hours.

Byteside tiktok logo on phone
That TikTok video

How do we deal with viral videos that can put “things you can never unseen” into the social media feeds of every user of a platform?

Twitch just became the best Watch Party tool around

Twitch has opened up its Watch Party tech to let anyone stream from their Prime Video account with minimum fuss and perfect legality (given Twitch is owned by Amazon, which owns Prime Video). It tested the idea with some of its bigger creators, and now it’s opening up to everyone.

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