Someone is planning an RC car race on the moon

Mario Kart? More like moon… rio.. Kart.

Wait, please don’t go!

In October 2021 the a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is planned to launch carrying two remote control racecars from the team at Moon Mark. It’s destination? The moon. It’s mission? To have a sick RC race on a track yet to be determined on the surface of the mother flipping moon.

Taste our dust, moon. Or technically your dust, but kicked up by our race cars. Taste it.

The racecars in question have been designed by high schoolers all over the United States by way of the Lunar Race Car Design challenge. They’re seriously impressive designs that have needed to fit with special requirements, since you know, they’re going to be running on the moon.

Each car also has to meet weight restrictions due to the cost of getting things to space in the first place. On top of all that, then they get to remotely race them ON THE MOON and watch real time on a series of cameras. The team at Moon Mark seem pretty convinced there’s be minimal latency in this set up too.

At the very least they should do a lot better than this AI racecar that drove straight into a wall.

The designs will also receive input from experts in their field via the mentor project, including legendary designer Frank Stephenson, the man responsible for cars like BMW X5, Ferrari FXX, Mini Cooper, and McLaren P1.

I think adding a moon racer to that resume is the logical next step, really.

I’m not sure about you guys, but my whole of October 2021 just got booked out so I don’t miss this incredible RC space race.

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