You can buy .gay domains which also help LGBT+ charities

I don’t know how we missed this but if you’re looking for a new domain, you can now make it gayer than ever!

.com? Too capitalist. 

.net? Too old web. 

.gay? Just how goldilocks likes it.

You can straight up buy domains that are .gay, and so far every domain seller I’ve checked is offering the option so who you buy it from is up to you.

Not only can you finally build a tribute site to one of the greatest ice creams of all time, but these domains will also give 20% of the new registration revenue to LGBTQ+ charities GLAAD and Centrelink (no, not those #robodebt bastards).

Maybe this can even help offset any residual guilt you still have for supporting Harry Potter writer JK Rowling. Every little bit helps.

It’s always great to see tech getting more and more inclusive. We’ve got awesome bionic arms that look like Venom Snake’s, a truly inclusive Xbox launch event, and now domains that are super duper gay. Bring on the future!

The domains are also slightly protected. The company responsible for .gay have established a .gay Rights Protections Policy to try to mandate that these domains are safe spaces for the community.

While it admits it can’t police every single domain, Top Level has a reporting process in place and has prohibited registrations for any parties associated with established hate groups. 

The super great news is there’s a tonne of domains still available as .gay isn’t that widely known. I could have even nabbed to replace my current .com portfolio. Even has potential as it’s bought but up for sale.

Unfortunately, the reason I can’t is the price. The domains start at around $40, with going for $42.60/yr on namecheap. Something as fancy as would set me back at least $165, which while as fabulous as it may be is a lot more than my current $10 or so dollars domain.

But there’s some incredible news on that front too! There’s a .gay community research program. People who want a .gay domain for a pro LGBTQ+ reasons can apply to maybe get a .gay for free!

You get a .gay! You get a .gay! You… ok so you have to apply and go through the process and be approved and maybe you can get a .gay.

When you consider the donation and the potential support it could be the right choice for a lot of people. If you’re building a purposefully gay-friendly site this has to be the coolest domain around.

Secretly several dogs stacked on top of one another in a large coat, Hope has a habit of getting far too excited about all things videogames and tech. She loves the new accomplishments and ideas humanity conjures and believes in a future where we work for the betterment of all. Until then, she does her best to bring light by sharing her excitements with you here. You can also find her screaming into the void on Twitter.

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