Find some chill with this human-sized Metapod sack pod cocoon thing

Are you soft but wanna use Harden, like no Metapod ever did?

Source: Bandai

Japanese merchandise company Bandai has got just the thing for you.

Perfect for cocooning away from all of your problems, you can order a gigantic plush Metapod to zip yourself up in for roughly $450 AUD.

Pictured: me after a shift at Byteside. Source: Bandai

Without a doubt what makes this product so appealing is the model’s expressions while demoing the enclosed cushion. Old mate looks completely done with the world, perfectly content to abandon all worldly responsibilities in favour of becoming a Pokemon.

Source: Bandai

Not gonna lie, it looks super comfortable, and lends itself to plenty of innuendo I’m absolutely not above making.

Why not order a bunch and hang out with your friends, each pitching your own Metapod tent (cushion) together?

Look at this sly bastard, they know what they did. Source: Bandai

According to the Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Pokedex entries, Metapod’s hard shell is “filled with a thick liquid” and will spill out its insides if tipped over.

Now that the mood is set, you can get hard(en) with Metapod from the Bandai store.

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