We owned a bit of Quibi too?

This week we talk about two areas the government wasted money on technology – COVIDSafe… but Quibi too?

We talk about the death of Quibi, the failures of COVIDSafe, what both could have done to be better, and Seamus even has an idea for how COVIDSafe could have been pivoted to help better as stores and restaurants reopen.

As per Seamus’ demand, here’s where you’ll find Home Movie: Princess Bride to catch it before it disappears when Quibi goes offline in December.

Wins and fails links for this week:

Fallout 4: get it wherever you get your games

Solid State: https://solidstateformen.com
(Seriously, Shay just really likes it, no deals are being done here!)

Seamus runs Byteside. You may also have spotted his words at the Australian Financial Review, the ABC, Junkee, Gamespot, The Esports Observer, CNET, Gizmodo and a few other spots over the years. He's very happy that he gets to nerd out for a living.

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