Phreaking brilliant

Last week was Xbox Series X news, this week we get Playstation 5… but not quite yet, so we make our bold predictions that are sure to be wildly inaccurate within 24 hours. Plus a look back at how incredibly perfect our predictions were about Xbox last week (if you could check for us that’d be great).

Plus all the Apple news on the Watch, the iPad and the One Plan To Rule Them All. Then there’s Paul Rudd keeping it real like the certified young person he is, and Nic discovers that audio hackers can now own our door locks. WTF?

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Seamus runs Byteside. You may also have spotted his words at the Australian Financial Review, the ABC, Junkee, Gamespot, The Esports Observer, CNET, Gizmodo and a few other spots over the years. He's very happy that he gets to nerd out for a living.

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