The awkward brilliance of game storytelling

It’s a game-y sort of week at Byteside, kicking off with a book that included accidental game references in its very real historic fiction. When you do your research, double check your research…

Plus game narratives and the difficulties in embracing the story while also trying to enjoy the game as it’s intended — to be played as a game? Then more game in your game chat as we look at what it means for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to head to our mobiles.

We leave games behind for our tips of the week, with two streaming service picks — one to warm your heart, the other to chill your spine.

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Seamus runs Byteside. You may also have spotted his words at the Australian Financial Review, the ABC, Junkee, Gamespot, The Esports Observer, CNET, Gizmodo and a few other spots over the years. He's very happy that he gets to nerd out for a living.

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