Apple vs Epic vs Batman’s eye makeup

This week Seamus and Nic look at the Epic battle between Apple and the company that makes the Unreal Engine and Fortnite (yes, that’s Epic), and why Seamus still loves Apple but just wants it to focus on controlling the right parts of its App Store.

Plus we look at the DC Fandome event and how we’re seeing digital event formats mature quickly to keep us excited about what’s happening even when we can’t get together in person Plus tips that will have you freaking out and getting excited about our VR future.

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Seamus runs Byteside. You may also have spotted his words at the Australian Financial Review, the ABC, Junkee, Gamespot, The Esports Observer, CNET, Gizmodo and a few other spots over the years. He's very happy that he gets to nerd out for a living.

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