Blightbound designer Jasper Koning from Ronimo Games

Seamus talks to Jasper Koning, Founder / Designer at Ronimo Games about their new game Blightbound, a 3-player dungeon crawler that looks like a new Golden Axe but might have more in common with Destiny or Diablo, as we discuss in the interview.

We talk about their past games, and then dig into the dungeon crawler genre, even how weird a genre it is to define with such a diverse history of games under that umbrella. And we talk a lot about the systems that will make Blightbound unique to the category.

We also touch on what it’s like to work with publisher Devolver, who has carved out a really great space offering up clever indie-ish games that explore weird and crazy ideas. It’s like knowing a Devolver game will have a certain taste or sensibility about it, but we talk about what it’s like on the other side of that relationship too.

I’m excited for Blightbound, Getting really great nostalgia vibes without the feeling that it is nothing but old hat.

Blightbound hits Steam Early Access on July 29.

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