Enter The Game Table podtastic D&D prize draw!

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast and Good Games Australia, we’re giving away the two latest D&D books plus some D&D Live 2019 tidbits as part of the launch of The Game Table podcast.

Byteside has just launched The Game Table, our podcast covering all things tabletop. The opening series of episodes has been interview after interview with cool folks we sat down with at D&D Live 2019 in Los Angeles. So we’re running a special giveaway to big up our favourite RPG to celebrate!

The prize pack features the following books and extras:

  • The new Acquisitions Inc sourcebook, thanks to Good Games Australia
  • The new Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign book, thanks to Wizards of the Coast
  • An exclusive sticker sheet from D&D Live 2019 with a bunch of shiny stickers around the Descent Into Avernus theme of the show

Check out the latest episode right here:

To win, tell us in 25 words or less about what your own game table means to you. Poignant, funny, clever, whatever the case may be, we’ll pick our favourite entry and send out the prize pack.

Send your entries to: thegametable@byteside.com

The full prize pack will be winnable by Australia / New Zealand residents only, sorry. But our favourite international entry will receive a digital code (TBD) to a game or resource to make sure we share some love to you too. Will update with an exact code once we lock in a prize.

The competition closes 31st July 11:59:59PM AEST (Sydney, Australia time).

Thanks to all listeners to the show so far. I’m having a great time making it and I hope you’re enjoying the vibes the shows have to offer.

Subscribe to the show through your favourite podcast apps, leave reviews at iTunes, tell your friends, and good luck in the prize draw!

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