Dreams beta becomes a PT nightmare but OMG how amazing is this game/tool going to be?

PT. A demo that for a now never-to-be-made Silent Hill game that was just one hallway but freaked the hell out of everyone who ever experienced it. And then it was gone. Erased. Become Legend. So, of course, people remake it as often as they can and this time the Media Molecule game-creativity-engine Dreams is the medium of choice.

@sergeantbike on Twitter shared a now-removed clip of the Dreams-turned-Nightmare recreation of PT (which was short for ‘Playable Teaser’), which reports suggest was created by @LewisConner13.

What is truly beautiful is that as much as the situation was a breach of beta access – no one should be sharing videos of these sorts of things just yet – Dream’s designer Christophe Villedieu was giving some pointers to the creator of the PT remake alongside his request for the video’s removal.

There have been many amazing screenshots being shared and retweeted around what people have been coming up with in the Dreams beta, and for the many that have been building things that existed elsewhere, Villedieu had this to say:


Spotted via VG247.

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